• Mui Ne Fairy Spring
    Mui Ne Fairy Spring

    About 18 km of North East Phan Thiet, visitors will meet an extremely romantic poetic place that is Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream). Suoi Tien is situated in a nice place, one side of Suoi Tien is white and red sand dunes intermixing together, another side are rows of shading coconut palms, lines of trees with luxuriant leaves.

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  • Mui Ne Destination
    Mui Ne Destination

    Mui Ne was an isolated stretch of beach where pioneering travellers camped on the sand. Times have changed and it"s now a string of beach resorts, which have fused into one long coastal strip. These resorts are, for the most part, mercifully low-rise and set amid pretty gardens by the sea. The original fishing village is still here, but tourists outnumber locals these days. Mui Ne is definitely moving upmarket, as more exclusive places open their doors, complemented by swish restaurants and swanky shops, but there is still a (kite) surfer vibe...

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  • Sand Dunes
    Sand Dunes

    Mui Ne is famous for its enormous red and white sand dunes. The "red dunes" (doi hong) are convenient to Hai Long, but the "white dunes" (doi cat trang) 24km northeast are the more impressive – the near-constant oceanic winds sculpt the pale yellow sands into wonderful Saharaesque formations. But as this is Vietnam (not deepest Mali) there"s little chance of experiencing the silence of the desert. Prepare yourself for the hard sell as children press you to hire a plastic sledge to ride the dunes. Unless you"re supermodel-light, it can be...

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  • Po Shanu Cham Towers
    Po Shanu Cham Towers

    West of Mui Ne, the Po Shanu Cham towers occupy a hill near Phan Thiet, with sweeping views of the town and a cemetery filled with candy-like tombstones. Dating from the 9th century, this complex consists of the ruins of three towers, none of which are in very good shape. There’s a small pagoda on the site, as well as a gallery and shop.

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